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Rachel Court

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Rachel Court – Why I want to support our amazing Swansea communities

Rachel has been working in the social care sector for eight years while raising her two young children. She explains why she wants to support her Swansea communities.

As a young mother looking to provide for her family, Rachel began working part-time in the care sector. Despite having no prior experience and some initial uncertainty about care work, she soon fell in love with her job as a support worker.

It was clear to her before long that this was her true calling in life, giving her the assurance she needed to resign from her main job and become a full-time support worker.

A motivating reason for Rachel was the role she could play in serving her community, which she identified as being in need of better quality care.


Rachel's early years in the care sector

In her job as a support worker, she helped people with simple as well as complicated needs at the same time as she undertook her NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care qualification.

Some days were challenging, admits Rachel, but she says that is why she loves her job. She has the opportunity to work with outstanding colleagues and amazing clients living with assorted care needs, due to conditions including mental health, brain injuries, learning disabilities, autism, complex needs, challenging behaviour, and Down syndrome.

Rachel is known for never shying away from her role and thriving in her responsibilities, which come with being the lifeline for so many wonderful people.

Rachel credits having a great team behind her for her successes in learning, training, and gaining qualifications while on the job, whose guidance and support have made all the difference.

In addition to completing the relevant training in each area, she enjoyed learning new skills, which have enabled her to be more efficient in her role.

After five years as a care assistant, Rachel moved up to the care supervisor position, where she was responsible for client care and support requirements.

The care supervisor role involves:

  • Supervising and mentoring care workers
  • Welcoming new care workers and providing direct training
  • Assisting clients with their inquiries
  • Conducting spot inspections to ensure quality of care

Rachel’s progression into management

In 2018, she was promoted to deputy manager. Under the supervision of three managers, during the first two years, she developed her own style of management and learned more about the importance of being a leader in the care sector.
After this initial period, she was given the responsibility of a locality manager overseeing living services and a team of support staff.

Taking pride in being the practice leader for her team, Rachel leads with confidence and keeps her team at the heart of everything she does in the care sector.

Among her professional achievements, getting promoted to manager and improving the quality of her supported living services, as evidenced in exemplary external audit scores, stand out.

She has proven herself to be adaptable and shown her ability to provide support on the ground, when needed, with a range of needs, personalities, and requirements, making her the ideal person for care manager at Living at Home.

It’s critical we make a difference

From the very beginning of her career, Rachel has been steadfast in her commitment to provide high-quality, person-centred care services to each and every one of her clients.

Motivated by her dedication to social care, she has acquired extensive knowledge of the care sector and its regulations, allowing her to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

With her education, experience, and knowledge, Rachel manages Living at Home’s care service and helps her team of care professionals go above and beyond for the clients they support every day, having a positive role in their lives as if they are family.

Rachel is a calm, sympathetic, polite, approachable, and professional member of the Living at Home team. Every aspect of Rachel’s personality leaves her clients impressed.

Rachel Court Living at home

“Make a difference,” adds Rachel


Rachel aspires to make a difference in the care sector, with Living at Home, by ensuring clients are supported with a person-centred approach that is unique to each person.

She says, “Communication is important to me, to and from the individuals and families we support, to ensure they are being supported in a way that is important and person-centred to them.”

“Also, to and from the staff team to inform them of any changes in needs, important information, concerns, and training needs.”


“A person-centred approach ensures individuals are supported in the way they wish to be supported – not a tick-box exercise. Treating everyone as an individual, regardless of age, gender, or disability, is my goal.”

With Living at Home, Rachel endeavours to maintain a high quality of care for each client and to comply with regulations within the care sector.

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So, what does Rachel do in her spare time?

When Rachel is not working tirelessly for her team and clients, she can be found relaxing with family and friends, while sipping on a cappuccino, her favourite hot beverage.


Rachel is just as dedicated to her family as she is to Living at Home.


She loves to travel and has a particular fondness for the Andalucía region in Spain. Rachel’s little-known fact is that she appeared in a music video for the hugely successful pop punk band Busted in the early 2000s and can play the kazoo!


Living at Home is fortunate to have such a dedicated, passionate, and hardworking individual on their hands who takes the initiative and doesn’t ask anyone to do anything she wouldn’t do herself.


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