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Living at Home strives to provide exceptional service every time, which is why we seek feedback from our clients to help us improve our service.
Customer feedback helps us shape our service, so please let us know what you think.
Please contact us us directly if you have a complaint or compliment.
Call Living at Home today, and we’ll take care of you tomorrow.
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We provide a managed service that gives you complete peace of mind.

When we deliver great service

Our clients and their families continually congratulate us.

Not only is it wonderful to recognise the positive impact our care professionals have on our clients, but all comments help us improve our service so that we can provide them with more of what they want and need.

When we receive praise, we are pleased and happy to share it with the rest of the team

It allows us to reward our employees for their dedication and hard work.

If you would like to leave feedback to compliment or recommend an individual or a group of staff, please inform Joanne or contact any of the office team.

Your Service User Guide contains all the relevant contact information.

When things don't go according to plan

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, but please let us know if your expectations have not been met.

Our complaints policy provides a structure that is easy to understand and implement.

We want our clients to know that their opinions are important and that their problems are dealt with quickly, efficiently, discreetly and in a fair and honest way.


We strive to learn from every piece of feedback we receive and will apply what we’ve learned to enhance our services.

We aim to address concerns quickly and effectively, but if a solution cannot be found immediately, we have a formal system to follow.


Please contact us in the first instance to discuss any issues you may have.


Our contact information may be found in your Service User Guide or on our website 


Are you still disappointed?


We urge customers to report issues as soon as possible after an incident or when you become aware of a problem.

Delays in reporting concerns can make conducting a complete and fair inquiry difficult.


We have a three-stage escalation system in place to guarantee that all issues are addressed correctly.


All concerns will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receiving a complaint.


If the issue cannot be fixed right away, a response will be issued within seven working days in order to fulfil our regulators’ criteria, with a full written response within 28 days.


  • Stage one of a complaint

Our goal is for issues to be addressed by the person in charge of your relationship with us – their contact information may be found in your care plan.


If you have a complaint about this individual, please send an email to, and an impartial manager will be assigned to investigate your issues.


  • Stage two of a complaint

If a problem cannot be resolved in stage one, an impartial senior manager will evaluate the findings and conclusions of the previous inquiry, with the goal of resolving the problem to your satisfaction.


  • Stage three of a complaint

If a problem cannot be resolved in stage two, an independent and unbiased evaluation of the issue, as well as all investigations, will be conducted by a director, who will make an informed judgement on any further action necessary.


If your problem has not been resolved to your satisfaction after going through our three-stage procedure, please contact the Ombudsman for Wales, who will conduct an independent review for you.

  Further information about your feedback: We aim to resolve all concerns to your full satisfaction; however, if you are not fully satisfied with the outcome, you may refer your concerns to the Ombudsman Wales and ask for the concern to be independently reviewed. Details below: Ombudsman Wales -Tel: 03000790 0203 – Website: Living at Home are registered with, and regulated by, the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW). You can contact our regulator directly with any concerns you may have. Care Inspectorate Wales – Welsh Government, Rhydycar Business Park, CF48 1UZ – Tel: 0300 7900 126 – Website:

Raising a whistleblowing concern


Whistleblowing is the act of disclosing information about alleged misconduct or workplace dangers.


This might involve the following:


  • Criminal activity
  • Failure to meet any legal obligation
  • Miscarriages of justice
  • A risk to health and safety
  • Damage to the environment
  • The intentional concealment of any of the aforementioned matters

Anyone with a whistleblowing concern can email it privately to, where it will be dealt with in accordance with company policy.

To begin your journey of care and support…

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Give the team a call

If you or a loved one think we can help, please contact Joanne and the team

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Arrange a visit

We will visit you at your home to discuss the care and support needs.

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Meet your new friend

We’ll arrange for home visits and reviews to ensure best care and support

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