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Allowing someone to care for you in your own home is a very personal experience, so making sure you or your loved ones receive the best care possible is crucial.

This is why Living at Home has set the bar so high and takes great pride in providing the best home care in southwest Wales.

Your quality of life may decline as you become older, but this does not have to be the case.

The compassionate home care services that Living at Home offers can help you keep your independence and live a better quality of life as you age.

We provide a variety of bespoke home care services in southwest Wales, so no matter what level of assistance you require, Living at Home can provide it.

Give Joanne or the team a call to discuss your home care questions. You can contact us on 01792 588 111





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Tailored home care services in Swansea

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Joanne Abraham founded Living at Home and works with a team of devoted and happy care professionals to offer a variety of home care options.

When we provide you with quality home care services, we pay close attention to your specific needs.

Even if you need companionship care in Mumbles, Alzheimer’s care in Killay or Live-in care in Loughor, we can help.

We will personally visit your home, no matter where you are in southwest Wales, to assess your needs and develop a home care plan that is perfect for you. 

We understand that your needs may change over time, but our home care plan can accommodate any adjustments.

Learn more about our home care services below or contact Joanne or the team on 01792 588 111.

"Following a time of illness in the hospital, Living at Home has offered fantastic support to our dad. We didn't know who to turn to…"

What role might a home
care service play in my life?

Many aspects of home care can benefit you or both of you if you live with your spouse or partner.

Home care not only helps you directly, but it also gives family members who can’t always be there the reassurance that you’re getting the support you require.

Some advantages of our home care services include:

• Remaining at home rather than entering residential care

• Staying close to your local community, family and friends

• One-on-one care and support on your terms

• Maintaining independence

• Tailored help for your specific needs and preferences

• Keeping home comforts, such as remaining with pets

• Support for learning disabilities, dementia care, and complicated care needs.

When should you hire a paid
care professional to help you at home?

What is care

Our home care services give you the freedom to live safely and comfortably in the place you know best: your home.


There are lots of home care options available, even on a short-term, hourly basis, ranging from daily or weekly care visits to the dedicated support of a live-in care professional.


The ultimate goal of home care is to promote independent living that is comfortable for you.

Your individualised care plan will reflect your specific needs to ensure that your support is fully focused on you, with as little or as much assistance as you require.

Give Joanne or the team a call to discuss your home care questions. 

You can contact us on 01792 588 111

What do ‘Living at Home’ care services entail?

Living at Home Care Services

‘Home care’ is a broad term that refers to care services delivered at your home, either on a live-in or visiting basis, to help you maintain your freedom and improve your quality of life. We understand that we all need a little extra help now and then.

Whether it’s housekeepingpersonal care, medication or mobility assistance, your Living at Home care professional is dedicated to delivering support that gives you peace of mind.


Living at Home provides the additional help, confidence and companionship that you may require to continue living independently at home. However, home care is not limited to the home.


Your chosen care professional will encourage you to continue to pursue your hobbies and interests as you have in the past. They can even accompany you on holiday or when you visit your loved ones, ensuring that your social life and lifestyle are not jeopardised.

Technology that supports people to live independently

We provide the home care services you require, backed by the most cutting-edge technological advancements.

This enables you to live independently.

Care Monitoring for Family and Friends

The openPASS app provides much-needed transparency through a family care monitoring app for family, friends and pre-authorised interested parties who require access to up-to-date information about those receiving care, thereby closing the loop to all-in-one care planning. 

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At Living at Home, we take an inclusive view of care and extend the functionality of digital care management to the family, friends and pre-authorised interested parties in an individual’s care network via openPASS.

The care notes are available to care professionals such as district nurses, first responders and the emergency services, GPs and therapists. This is a unique application that provides verified parties with inclusive access to real-time care plans and records in PASS, the industry standard care management and monitoring platform.


Are home care services regulated?

Although not every home care company is regulated, when you choose Living at Home as your care provider, you are choosing a CIW-regulated service that is managed by a regulated care manager and their committed regulated staff to assist you and your family.

This means your care professional’s pay, as well as their training and appraisals, are handled on your behalf, as are regular inspections and supervision to ensure you’re getting the best care possible.

You also get assured coverage for when your care professional takes a break or goes on holiday, which is all handled for you.

You may rely on the competence of our CIW registered managers, who have all received their training and are registered with SCW to help you or your loved ones with visiting care, live-in carepersonal care or more specialised care.

To begin your journey of care and support…

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Give the team a call

If you or a loved one think we can help, please contact Joanne and the team

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Arrange a visit

We will visit you at your home to discuss the care and support needs.

home care swansea

Meet your new friend

We’ll arrange for home visits and reviews to ensure best care and support

Living at Home services FAQs

What considerations are used to allocate a home care professional?

When you schedule home care, we get to know you on a personal level, including your interests and passions.

We’ll pair you up with like-minded care professionals who are likely to become good friends over time.

What is the cost of home care?

The cost of your home care is determined by the frequency of your assistance, but most visits start at £27.50 per hour.

With this, a fully trained care professional will assist you with household chores, medication, and more in the comfort of your own home.

There are also defined charges for 20-minute medication calls, 30-minute and 45-minute visits, as well as for overnight calls.

How do I set up home care?

Our experienced care manager is only a phone call away on 01792 588 111

They will learn about your requirements and set up a meeting.

Our Living at Home care manager will then conduct a home care assessment and meet with you in person to discuss your needs, ensuring that you receive the best care package possible.

What does the term ‘home care’ mean?

Home care provides the extra assistance, reassurance and companionship that you may require to be as independent as possible at home.

Home care allows you to remain in your home and community and with your loved ones.

How can home care assist you?

There are numerous aspects of home care that can directly benefit you, your spouse or your partner.

Home care is designed to not only assist you directly but also to provide further reassurance to family members who aren’t always around to assist you. They will know that you are receiving the care and support you require.

What is the process for providing home care?

A home carer’s responsibilities frequently include tasks such as general housekeeping (washing dishes, cleaning the home, doing laundry, making beds and so on).

They can also assist in meal preparation and provide dignity in personal care (bathing and dressing).

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