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Honour the Welsh vibrant culture this St. David’s Day:

The famous celebration of Welsh culture is here

St. David, the patron saint of Wales, was born on the country’s southwestern coast around the 6th century

The saint’s birth year is unknown with certainty, but estimates place it between 462 and 515 A.D.

There are many legends of miracles surrounding St David, with the most famous story being about the saint talking to a large crowd. We can’t hear or see him!” someone shouted from the crowd.

St. David supposedly heard this, and the spot where the saint was standing suddenly became a hill so that everyone could see him.

According to legend, the legendary saint enjoyed a long and fruitful life, passing away at the old age of almost 100.

St. David’s Day, March 1st, is a celebration of the country’s cultural heritage.

Image of St. David with St. David’s Cathedral, which contains the Shrine of St. David

How is St David’s Day celebrated in Swansea?

Swansea’s city council has tried unsuccessfully to have St. David’s Day recognised as a national holiday in Wales

Despite this slight setback, Swansea residents will be celebrating the Welsh patron saint with a night full of feasting, music, and joy in the city’s historic centre.

The UK government has rejected requests to make St David’s Day a national holiday

The festivities in Swansea will begin on 26th February with a St. David’s Day party at the National Waterfront Museum, filled with choirs, dragons, daffodils, and much more.

On the 1st of March, Swansea has planned an exciting day of festivities that includes something for everyone’s interests and tastes leading up to the feast.

Tomos Watkins Brewery hosted a joyful St. David’s Day celebration featuring a concert by the fantastic singers of Morriston Orpheus Choir performing a variety of Welsh songs, hymns, and anthems in honour of the legendary saint.

Welsh cakes, soft drinks, and award-winning ales and ciders were available to enjoy in the warm and inviting bar and tap room.

For a fun and unique way to celebrate St. David’s Day in Swansea, the Durvant Male Choir evening was a must-see.

Feel the relaxing effects of a choir performance inspired by the country’s traditions.

St. David’s Day is a reason for celebration for the staff at Living at Home, it clients and Faith in Families

The Welsh patron saint’s day is being celebrated by our client with Living at Home and Faith in Families.

Since children are the world’s best hope for the future, Logan Goodison offered William James a posy of daffodils to cheer up our clients and make their day.

Logan Goodison said, ‘I’ve been playing computer games all week, but I also enjoy helping people, so it was nice to see my contribution made a difference’.

Living at Home’s Rachel Court with William, Avril, and Logan Goodison

On St David’s Day, Living at Home provided all its clients with a posy of daffodils and cake to put a smile on their faces.

Living at Home was hugely thankful to Lisa Evans, Managing Director of the family-run Baglan Bakery, who provided us with the delicious cupcakes that their clients enjoyed on St. David’s Day.

Living at Home, along with Faith in Families, values the Welsh traditions and supports the cause of making Swansea a better place

As Cherrie Bija, CEO of Faith in Families, said, ‘It is fantastic that the Living at Home team is reaching out across the generations, since providing care and compassion to their clients and reaching out and supporting our charity – Faith in Families – means they are spreading their kindness to children and young people who also deserve to live lives of dignity and respect, making a difference not only to this generation but to future ones to come’.

Throughout the year, Living at Home will organise and participate in several fundraising events, such as the Wadi Rum Trek Challenge, a community cricket match, the wild and daring Krazy Races and a community squash tournament.

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