Powerlifting Pensioner

Powerlifting pensioner says ‘keeping fit and healthy won me a gold medal’

77-year-old powerlifter pensioner defeats men who are decades younger.

Despite the odds, Peter Mileham, who ‘recently signed up to a gym to keep fit and healthy’, stunned himself by winning a gold medal, at the age of 77 years old in the Masters 4 category powerlifting tournament at his Preston gym.

A year after his wife, Shelagh, died of cancer in 2017, the powerlifting pensioner became chairman of the Rosemere Cancer Foundation

The Preston-based organisation helps people in Lancashire and South Cumbria get world-class cancer care, but funding has been reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter began weightlifting at Ashton’s Fitness Gym to keep fit and healthy and also raise money for the cancer charity

He was ecstatic to win his first-ever powerlifting competition there.

He hit three white lights during the competition, which signifies he executed a good lift on every squat, bench press and deadlift.

He also completed personal bests in all three lifts, which earned him the gold medal

Peter Mileham was awarded an OBE

Mr Mileham, Lancashire’s Deputy Lieutenant, who received an OBE in 2016 for his services to the county, said:

‘I certainly didn’t expect to be entering a weightlifting competition at my age, but I train at Fitness, and I have received a lot of encouragement from my trainer, Tom, who always thought I had a great chance of winning and has certainly put me through my paces.’

Peter Mileham – In Uniform

‘For 77, he’s done exceptionally well,’ coach Tom Hulme said. ‘I’m ecstatic for Peter’s performance, especially in such a short period of time.’

Thanks to the help of his coach, Tom, Mr Mileham now has a chance not just to keep fit and healthy but also do well at the British Championships later this year.

Raising funds for Rosemere Cancer Foundation

Through donations from family and friends, Mr Mileham was able to raise £3,217 for the Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

The organisation offers cancer care in Lancashire and worldwide, but during the pandemic, money was a major issue.

‘The pandemic has affected charities across the UK, but the amazing supporters of Rosemere Cancer Foundation have gone above and beyond in their efforts to create new and unique ways of raising vital funds to support local cancer patients.

‘Taking them as my inspiration, I wanted to find my own way to raise some much-needed funds and having recently signed up to a gym to keep fit and healthy, I have come across a newfound skill for weightlifting.’

His daughters and grandchildren are among his most ardent fans.

Peter Mileham concluded, ‘I would like to thank everyone who supported me.

Your sponsorship was an additional motivation in my efforts to literally raise the bar.’

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