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Joanne Abraham

Joanne Abraham and her personal journey

Joanne, or Jo as she is also known to many, entered the care sector after caring for her mum, who sadly passed away in 2016.

Personal Journey

During the years leading up to her mum’s passing, Joanne worked with healthcare professionals as they tried to make effective changes to allow her mum to have the best quality of life possible given her medical conditions. 

During this time, many problems arose because Joanne’s mother didn’t get enough good care and support.

This period taught Joanne how difficult it is to find the relevant information and support from the many different professional organisations operating in Swansea and the surrounding areas.

From that point onwards, Joanne decided to do whatever she could to help and support any vulnerable people in a similar situation to find the help and support they deserve. 


What is Joanne Abraham’s vision for social care reform?

  • Salaries and working conditions for employees must be improved
  • Professionalization of the workforce is required
  • Increased funding and service availability for service users
  • Greater consistency in information provided by local governments
  • Person-centred, rather than task-based, commissioning

Joanne Abraham has a natural passion for caring and helping others

Joanne Abraham is naturally passionate about caring for and helping others, and she strives to allow vulnerable adults to live the best possible life they can live in somewhat difficult circumstances.

During her time working on the front-line in the health sector, she found her niche. Joanne is a natural listener, and this has allowed her to build a strong rapport with staff, health professionals, clients, and clients’ family members.

Joanne out in the park over looking swansea bay with client who is enjoying the sunshine

She is a natural leader and problem solver who aims to resolve any issues that arise immediately. This sometimes means she is once again on the front line. Sitting for hours with a client who has fallen whilst they wait for an ambulance together.

Chatting and listening to a client’s family when a bereavement has occurred or just rolling up her sleeves to assist one of her team – for Joanne, going the extra mile is just what she does.

“The time is always right to do what is right”

Joanne Abraham decided to open her own care company

Sadly, at the beginning of 2021, another tragedy struck Joanne as she lost her brother, who struggled with mental health problems.

Having experienced the loss of two close family members, Joanne decided to open her own care company so that she could better support the most vulnerable in society.

Joanne supports many charities like MindAlzheimer’s SocietyDiabetes UK, and Cancer Research UK, to name but a few.

She is a Dementia Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society and often goes into the community to give talks to dispel some of the common myths about dementia.

One of Joanne’s passions is to meet with her clients and their families as often as possible.

The Living at Home ethos is that we are all one big family and close communication is our top priority.

“Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society”.

Joanne Abraham named karate student of the year


When Joanne was 10, she joined a local karate group in Swansea, unsure if she would enjoy it.

She took to it like a duck to water and began competing in karate tournaments all over the UK.

After demonstrating mental toughness and a passion for training, Joanne was named karate student of the year and received the Ian Godfrey shield, which she proudly kept in her trophy cabinet for many years.

She went on to win the Welsh junior karate championship as well, a title she held for three years.

Joanne believes that this training assisted her by giving her strict views on the need for compliance, which she uses to great effect in the care sector.

Joanne Abraham says, ‘we utilise the same care professionals, which maintains consistency’

At Living at Home, we believe that the quality and consistency of our care, and the relationships we build with our clients, are the most important parts of our work.

We give care and support based on our clients’ preferences, so they choose the timing and agree on every detail of their care plan before we start.

What is hugely important to me is consistency, so each client sees the same care professional every time, and we introduce care professionals to clients first to ensure the clients are comfortable with them.

Living at Home believes that excellent care shouldn’t be delivered in short visits, so we always look to deliver 60-minute appointments. But we do recognise that not everyone requires 60 minutes, so we develop individual plans to suit all.

I believe this ethos allows us to provide compassionate care and go above and beyond to improve our clients’ quality of life.

I am excited to see Living at Home evolve, and I want to make a difference in people’s lives every single day, not only for our clients and their families but also for our amazing care professionals who are now also known as key workers.

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