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Cost of Home Care​

Clear pricing for home and overnight care

Determining the best way to care for yourself or someone close to you can be stressful, especially when the need for care is first recognised. Living at Home sets clear pricing for home and overnight care.

Although home care solutions can be expensive, this does not apply to all.

Unlike other home care providers, Living at Home guarantees there are no hidden costs of home care.

People trust us to provide high-quality, affordable home care because we are regulated by the Care Inspectorate for Wales and invest much time and money in training our regulated care professionals

Our home care costs are tailored to your specific needs.

Everyone is unique, which is why we take the time to learn about your specific needs.

It’s up to you how often you receive care and support at home.

We offer a range of care options, from 20-minute medication calls to 30-minute visits once a week or several times a day, and from overnight support to live-in care.

Our home care service is flexible, so it’s easy to adapt how much help and support you receive as your situation changes.

The average cost of a nursing home or care setting

The Cost of home care swansea

A well-run residential facility may be able to provide exceptional care and support, but residential care is expensive.

The cost of care at a nursing home requires careful consideration, especially as for many people who move into residential care, it is often an irrevocable step.

Residential costs of care average between £33,280 and £44,616 per person, per year in Wales, according to Which Elderly Care Home Fees 2019/20. However, Living at Home’s high-quality, relationship-driven home care services cost on average £10,900 per person, per year. Give Joanne or the team a call to discuss your home care funding and planning questions. You can contact us on 01792 588 111
"Following a time of illness in the hospital, Living at Home has offered fantastic support to our dad. We didn't know who to turn to…"

Average costs of home care services

Home care is a service that you might choose to pay for.

You determine the level of care and support you receive, for as long as you need it.

Rather than paying a care home to fund support shared among many, you pay for an exclusive one-on-one care and support service.

When you consider the average cost of nursing home care, the cost of home care appears a better and more economical alternative for you or your loved one.

In our experience, people prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, in the familiar settings they know and love – we can help them do so with our unique approach to care and support.

Many people who previously felt that residential care was their only option now realise that Living at Home’s exceptional care and support truly enhances the lives of the clients and is within affordable reach.

What is the cost of home care?

We understand how critical it is for you to have a thorough understanding of your home care costs, so we provide a short, uncomplicated breakdown:

  • For one-on-one personal home care, prices start at £27.50 per hour
  • Home care fess for 20, 30 or 45 minutes differ
  • Prices vary depending on how much care and support you require
  • Weekend and bank holiday care is more costly
  • For errands or day trips, a mileage fee of 65p per mile applies
Cost of home care

Give Joanne or the team a call to discuss your home care services questions.

We can discuss your home care needs and help identify the best service for you.

You can contact us on 01792 588 111


Acceptance of social care funds

If you receive social care financial support for home care services from Swansea Council or Neath Port Talbot Council and have a personal budget or have chosen direct payments, you can use these as supplementary payments for your home care.

If you choose this option, you have the freedom to select your care provider rather than have it chosen by your local council.

You can arrange for this care and pay for it yourself, supplementing your payments if necessary.

You can rely on our high-quality home care services

We invest in our care professionals so that they can provide you with the best possible home care service. Every single one of our care professionals is a direct employee of Living at Home. Not only do we provide them with award-winning, industry-recognised training, but also we ensure that every one of our care professionals has our continuous support. Because we’re a family-owned and operated business, family values influence every aspect of our operation, from the compassion and devotion of our care professionals to the dedication and understanding of our managers and support staff. Living at Home places a particular emphasis on establishing care plans that are tailored and person-centred, ensuring that every client receives home care service that entirely meet their needs. We’re here to discuss your home care service options, our prices or any funding sources you might have. Simply give Joanne or the team a call to request or discuss a home care service. We can discuss your home care needs and help identify the best service for you. You can contact us on 01792 588 111

The benefits of home care services

  • Home comforts
Helping you spend more time at home
  • Peace of mind
Knowing that someone is checking in on you or your family member on a regular basis and that you are not alone
  • Time
Preventing or postponing a relocation into a care facility
  • Stability
Keeping in touch with family and friends and the rest of your community
  • Flexibility

Modifying home care services to meet your specific requirements.

You can receive as little or as much assistance as you wish, ranging from a few hours per week to 24-hour live-in care

  • Agency responsibility

Receiving care from an agency and peace of mind.

The provider is responsible for verifying workers’ references and DBS checks and covering absences if necessary.

National regulators (CIW) register all care agencies to ensure that they are adhering to compliance criteria and regulations

  • Cost

Keeping costs down.

Home care is less expensive than nursing home care

Home care disadvantages

  • Carers aren’t available 24/7 (unless you have a live-in carer):
Living at Home aims to provide consistency, but occasionally clients will be visited by different care staff due to staff sickness or holiday, for example.
  • Geographical limits
Living at Home prides itself on finding a solution, even if your home care services may be limited by what’s available in your area.

Give Joanne or the team a call to discuss your home care funding and planning questions. You can contact us on 01792 588 111

Cost of home care FAQs

Can I receive financial support to pay for my home care?

Make certain you’re claiming all of the benefits to which you are entitled.

• Attendance allowance is a payment for adults over the age of 65 who require additional assistance to remain independent at home due to illness or disability.

• If you are under the age of 65, you may be eligible for a Personal Independence Payment rather than a state pension.

• Carer’s allowance may be available to you if you have a carer.

These benefits aren’t means-tested, so your income and savings aren’t taken into consideration.

What happens if I exhaust all my funds?

If you’re paying your own fees (known as self-funding) and your capital falls below £23,250, the local council may be able to help you with funding your home care fees.

You should request an assessment a few months prior since they will have to agree that you require home care support.

They should arrange an assessment as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to spend all of your capital savings.

What if I bestow money to family or friends?

You might want to consider giving away some of your money, income or property to family or a charity, for example, so that you don’t have to pay for certain care costs.

If your local council believes you did this to avoid paying care costs, you may be assessed as if you still possess the money or property you gave away. This is known as ‘deprivation of assets’.

How much do your services cost?

Every family we support is given a Personal Care Plan that is tailored to their individual requirements and budget.

Several factors influence the price:

• The weekly number of hours of care provided

• The level of care provided at home (non-medical, personal care, appointments, etc.)

• The geographic area where services are provided

The majority of our services are priced per hour.

Prior to beginning services, we provide a contract that includes a breakdown of all costs, including a rate sheet.

Please give Joanne or Rhian a call to request or discuss a home care service

We can discuss your home care needs and help identify the best service for you.

You can contact us on 01792 588 111

Is it necessary for me to pay the care professional directly?

No. Only once the services have been completed are you (or an authorised representative) billed.

This occurs on a two-weekly basis in most cases.

Care professionals are never required to be paid directly by you and no one will ever ask you to pay additional fees.

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